Thursday, June 17, 2010

leaving today!

Getting on the plane this afternoon (for CA). Took Benadryl at midnight last night due to terrible, TERRIBLE allergies. Paying for it today (so sluggish and non-motivated). Wanted to get these pics posted before my trip or they'll be old news when I return. Can't say enough wonderful things about my friend Eliza. This trip was so fun with her!!


Eliza Uribe said...

I love the picture of us at the 'theater' and the one of you infront of the 'barber shop.' That while night was like being in the Twighlight Zone.

Steve and Hailey said...

What did you get to do? A weekend away or a week? So fun! You always look so good. I feel your allergy pain! The Cottonwood junk is everywhere and I'm super allergic to it. I'm miserable and I think I passed this onto my kiddos. Boo!