Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Hampshire (and time for me to take a writing course..I've lost all creativity!)

Last Friday the kids and I drove up to D.C., spent the night at my cousin Ivy's house, played with cousins, and then took the 14 hour (googlemaps told me 9) hour drive north to my cousin Brad's in-law's in Londonderry, NH. We've been here a week watching Brad and his wife Julie's kids, Boman and Ivy. Sweet babies. I'm in New England! I wish I could come back in 2 months and see it in all its glory. We went to the most picturesque little lake today and the road leading to it made me feel like I was in the 1700s..or earlier?! It was amazing. Oh, and my camera was stolen the 2nd day I was here. So no pics. LAME. We've been swimming in a local pond/lake almost everyday and the weather is much nicer than down south--not a lot of bugs or humidity, either. (: Julie and I went to the Boston Temple this morning and had Thai food in Cambridge afterward. So nice. Didn't really see Boston or Cambridge but hope to come back for a weekend with Geof.
Anyway, driving back tomorrow after church. Julie is sending me on a different route, away from the major cities so that I can hopefully fly home without the constant traffic I dealt with driving north. And she also mentioned that it's a lot prettier. I was imagining the drive up to be a lot more scenic. Nope. Just a lot of trees. So I hope this drive goes better (other than the fact that our a/c is STILL out..yuck!) and more enjoyable for all of us. And we can't wait to see geof. He's so good to us. We are lucky.

One more month of summer. We'll buy a 99 dollar pass to the neighborhood pool, relax, try to squeeze in some last minute reading that never got done, and get ready to send my 2 (!!) oldest to school in Sept. ): Oh, and one more class for me until I have my Associates. Wow. That is so not exciting nowadays when even a Doctorate can't get you a job.


GeorgeAndBethness said...

My New Jersey (and years later) my best girlfriend, lived in New Hampshire for several years. When we lived in Vir., I took Bevan and we drove up to see her and her hubby and her daughter. first time since I was 15. In the back of their property, was a small revolutionary war graveyard. She became a speech therapist and over the years she was put in charge of the "relearning of speech" in a "brain injury" hospital-somewhere in N.H. Mom

Emily said...

I want a revolutionary war graveyard on my property! that's so cool! Anyhow, what a crazy fun trip for you. Crazy because you drove 14 hours by yourself with all your kids and fun because hello it's New England! Some friends of ours from Provo are at a PA school there in New Hampshire somewhere and holy cow I can't even handle the pictures of places they you know I'm envious of you, but in the best way--at least I get to see and hear about some of it from you. And Darla, I always love your posts. It makes it seem like you're not so far away (or maybe I'm the one that's far away?!) Enjoy that last month of summer and heavenly pass to the heavenly neighborhood pool...we're hot today and tommorrow and then the cooling trend begins and I'm afraid it's most likely the trend we won't come out of again till next May, as you well know! k bye.