Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy 61st, Mama!

For your birthday, we woke up way too early (for summer, at least!), drove downtown, crossed a beautiful and unique walking bridge onto, and ran a one mile race (well, Cole and Dayne did). The weather was nice and breezy (I'll let you take credit for that. Thanks for sending us CA's perfect climate), nothing like the usual 100 degree plus humidity muck that we've been dealing with. I'd say I had more pre race jitters than both kids, but thought for sure that I could sense Dayne's uneasiness. This was her first race! Boy, was I wrong. She was confident in her running, but lost interest probably half way through. Cole was pretty worried about her having wandered off on the trail. Geof. went to look for her after it'd been a while since Cole had finished, and found her walking with another little boy chatting away (typical). When I finally saw her, I cheered and yelled for her to push through to the end and she just laughed and laughed. Geof. had to guide her to the correct ending point where the flags were since she seemed content ending right where I stood. Funny girl.

Cole's definitely more competitive but was tired and irritable this morning. He still did well, though. He was pretty unhappy when Dayne received a 2nd place medal for the 5 and 6 yr. old girls (I think she was one of the 2 running in her age group).

And June, she was her consistently whiny self in these situations; holding her arms up to be held, asking to, "go home" every minute. In the end, the kids took a ride on the zip line that a local river company provided, and then we threw the free frisbees around that Geof. was all too happy to have paid for with race admission. It was a good morning. Have a good day, Mom! Love you.

p.s. These pics were taken with Geof.'s work camera. They're okay, right? For now they'll have to do..


Emily said...

You guys are so good about getting out and being active I think it's great that you're encouraging your kids to do the same. Owen really wants to try running club this year...maybe after I have a baby I'll join him and everyone else in the world these days. Now to convince Derek that we need a treadmill for the winter...Happy Birthday to your Mom too!

Joan said...

Wow, I can't believe they start that young! That is great! Very cute pictures!