Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I could live in a tent

This first little pic of June was just too funny/cute to not add. And don't you love that she looks just like a little boy from behind (er..her hair, not her BEhind!)? We found her up on the kitchen table like this playing with her "birthday parties" (aka: Polly Pockets). She loves those things. I love that she loves those things. She and Dayne have been quite entertained lately with dolls and dress up and tea parties which makes me so happy. So happy in fact, that I wish Dayne was staying home one more year because she's so pleasant to have around. I know! Can you believe it?! Just a month ago this same girl was driving me coo-coo! And now I can't stand to see her head off to school (all day! yuck!). So sad. I packed up her back pack with all her school supplies and started tearing up. This girl has grown up without me noticing. Can't turn back the clock.

And the rest of these splendid pics are of our camping trip to North Bend Park on Kerr Reservoir. Camping with kids can be such an ordeal, but we're getting better at it each time. I swear, some of these "seasoned" campers might have thought we were crazy (which we will surely attest to) with our ONE tent, no camping chairs, lack of fire wood, and most importantly, three YOUNG children!! We ARE nuts! Oh, it was so great, though. I dropped Geof. and the kids off to run back to the entrance to confirm the site we'd chosen and found them down in the lake swimming with the sun setting behind them (can you see them up in the top pic on the far right?? Geof.'s throwing someone up in the air, I believe)? I couldn't keep a smile off my face. The water was heavenly (I overuse that word, I'm aware). The moment was perfect. We were so glad to be there. And of course our three little fishies (yes, June's swimming all on her own!) couldn't be more pleased. Geof. took great care of us and made sure we were properly sunscreened. He also was calm enough to lay back and read a book (works been crazy busy). Dayne was her creative self, snagging dad's book when she got a chance to "read" to herself. I found her many times walking up and down the beach talking to herself and telling stories. And then she found some pine cones, sticks, rope, nasty plastic garbage bag, sea shells...and some other debris, and built a sand castle. Can I tell you how excited I get when my kids are outside and doing things like this? It's the best thing in the world to me.
Cole stayed in the water most of the time. That's his home. He belongs there and always has. He also experienced the hugest splinter Geof. and I have ever seen get stuck in his foot (can someone edit that last sentence?). It was so sad to watch Cole's face while Geof. calmly tried (and tried, and tried) to pull that thing out. Cole was miserable.
Junie followed me around and got plenty of mom time which is all she ever wants, anyway. And I was able to read some good books that I hope can help me in my quest to enjoy motherhood more.

If only we could live outside..?

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Mindi said...

Aww, Darla, that looks like an awesome trip!! We are camping over labor day, I sure wish we could have everyone with us there too!