Tuesday, September 21, 2010

..and, you don't have to read this one.

I miss my camera. So much in fact, that I've resorted to finding old favorite pics to put on my blog. I like recording things. And I miss my old camera's feature of b & w with color accents option.
Geof. bought me a camera last night. Very similar to the one I had before. I can't wait for it to get here.
Fall is upon us. The weather has been very pleasant. Almost too pleasant. No, it is NOT jean weather. I had to ride my bike to and from school today to take a test and Richmond's a very lame bike city (no sidewalks), so most of the ride was on grass or gravel. When I got to class, my back and shoulders were soaked from where my back pack was. No, it's not fall temperatures. Not quite yet.
And the kids, might you ask.? I love them. Yesterday was a crazy, busy day and my house was (and still is) a mess. I had a hard time pulling things together and feeling happy about motherhood/the day-to-day grind . After my kids were asleep (and isn't this how it always is?), the feeling and thought came to me that this time with my kids at home is so short. There WILL be a time that my days will slow down and I'll miss the noise and busyness of raising a household. Of course, this isn't the first time these feelings/thoughts have come, but last night was strong. So strong that I couldn't keep from crying and blubbering about it. Geof. still doesn't know. (; I tried to enjoy and love on my babies more today; talk to them, ask them questions..., and LISTEN. Dayne says the funniest things. I got on my laptop one day after school and she says, "Mom, now here I've been gone ALL day long at school and I come home and you get on your computer and don't even talk to me!". Now, if that isn't a kick in the stomach!! She makes her feelings known very clearly. With Cole it's not as easy. I suspect that the more aggressive and angry he gets, the more he needs mom time. Okay, enough of this "I suspect" crap. I KNOW that's what he needs. Just some talking and listening time with mom. He's almost eight (in December) and I'm sure in the not very far future, it'll be hard to get anything out of him. NOW is the time to talk to Cole. Junie is still trying to figure out her place without Cole and Dayne around. Whenever we go to playgroups, she follows me around closely and is not very comfortable talking or playing with anyone. She asks frequently, "Is it bedtime?" and, "When are we going to pick up Cole and Dayne?". Sad, right? She's very content being at home with mommy and sitting in Dad's office watching Disney movies (that's the only place her VHS videos can be watched since Geof. got the HUGE tv), however. Oh, and we can't forget her constant singing. Vibrado and everything. It's HYSTERICAL.
hm...what other interesting (or not?) things to tell? Geof's running his 1st half marathon in 2 weeks up and over in West VA. He's not even training. And I'm sure his time will be fantastic. I hate him. (;
Oh, and the random pic of Santa and Mrs. Claus? I bought them (they're S & P shakers in case you didn't...) at an antique shop a while back in the clearance/we're throwing these away if you don't take them section next to the bathrooms. I was so excited! My mom has this same set and I loved seeing them out on the table during the holidays. Now, if only I can get the American Indian/Pilgrim set for Thanksgiving. The other pics are of our trip (without kids!) to DC with our good friends the Averetts (come again, Averetts??), sweet little Dayne sleepy from a cold night of camping last March, Cole's most excellent light sabor moves, and no we can't forget a random street view of some WONDERFUL Richmond city homes. We sure love Richmond-still!! We don't get to play in it as much as before, but hey, we do what we can with 2 kids in school, a mom in school, a dad that works like a mad-man, 2 kids in soccer (did I mention that putting Dayne in soccer her 1ST year of school was a BIG mistake), Dad coaching soccer..oh, just typing it all out is making me tired. And it's midnight. Yuck! Nite..


Emily said...

With a title like that, how could I not read it! I know you think sometimes you're posting stuff nobody wants to hear about (I know I feel that way often myself), but I LOVE reading all yours posts. They're so YOU and who doesn't love the minutia of other people lives? Seriously. And I need a redo on our DC trip...I was still too lame and sick-ish and I'm sure that was apparent to you both, what with my super slowness and cab riding. etc. Although I'd probably still spring for the cab rides, just to get places faster! The best was Geof. walking at Arlington and the rest of us riding! He's a trooper and I'm sure will do awesome in that half-marathon coming up. So now I'll be quiet and stop typing. K bye.

Gina said...

Darla, Of course I need to read it.
It was perfect reading this while the inspirational music from biggest loser is on in the background. It made your words sound like a professional movie script, in the first person.
You are doing good, you have even inspired me to be better. I think I am in a bad spot in my mind these days. So here you are making me want to have a better attitude. June will soon find her confidence without her older siblings, but I am sure she will still miss them. I love you, gina

julie said...

oh how i love you.

The Gilberts said...

You are speaking to my heart with this post, Darla. I have been, what I will call... deliriously tired... not sure if I should be driving tired... like someone else is controlling a robotic remote moving me about tired. But in these tired moments over the past few weeks, I get some of the most wonderful insights about the value and worth of my kids. How much I love them, How special they are. how cute their cheeks, dimples, are -- I find myself taking a few extra moments to try and seal in my memory the sound of Peyton's babling or Jacksons high bursts of laughter. I don't even grab the camera, I just try to enjoy. Its amazing, when I have more energy I fill the day with busy-ness, sometimes to much busy-ness to "enjoy" these moments because I want to 'control' my day. But... time is fleeting, they are changing fast-- thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

the fact that you said "raising a household" Made me feel more important :) Thats what we are doing not just raising a couple kids we are RAISING A HOUSEHOLD!!! I love your posts and I look forward to them everytime a new one pops up!! You are an inspiration to me and have been since the second I met you, yes the very second I met you! Love you!!!

Mindi said...

Darla, I took a photography class with the YW tonight and as I looked at your blog I realized that you are a very good photographer. You've got the rule of 1/3rds, texture, diagonal lines, etc. Plus, it is always great to get a peek into your mind/life. I think you are very great.

Darla said...

okay, okay..the googly eye thing wasn't serious. Just up late writing a post makes you say silly things. Switzerland sounds great, but not at this point in my life. I want a beach, some warm water, and nothing more (alright, maybe a book).