Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this and that

Geof. was out of town this weekend and I had 2 soccer games a half hour apart-and 2 different leagues. I opted to have Cole go with a friend on his team since Dayne's a bit young to go on her own (and we don't know anyone yet from her team). We got there early for pics (Dayne has no interest in posing, but doesn't she look cute with that hair cut?) and then had her game. Half way through, the coach called her out and I took her home. What was I thinking signing Dayne up for soccer? As if she needed it! Really, the girl's so happy at home coloring, reading stories (still...in unknown languages!), andplaying dress up. There was no need to sign her up for something she had NEVER shown interest in. I sat there watching her stand around on the field as the ball rolled past her and in front of her numerous times and thought, "Oh, this is pointless". I'm sure as we walked away with her crying (no end-of-game treat), I was taken as a mean mom. And, it's true. I am. I'm also tired of my Saturdays being taken up, especially when the child herself isn't even happy.
Oh well. We're done the end of Oct. We'll keep Cole in, though because he LOVES it and is getting really good! He's become quite the offensive player, getting 5 goals for his team on Sat. If only he could be outdoors all day....he'd love his life. And so would we. (:
June's completely content lounging around, being read to, and watching Disney princess movies (as stated in my last post). She's pretty easy if she has those things at her disposal. I did take her for a walk the other day because I'm feeling like she's not moving enough and therefore, doesn't go to sleep easily (and doesn't STAY asleep).
Geof. came home happy and tired. Said he had one of the most spiritual weekends of his life. Very good men to be around and full of wisdom-both secular and spiritual. Glad he could go.
I, on the other hand, think I've developed a gluten intolerance. Every thing I read points to it, and darn it, I'm not happy about it. Most mornings I have severe cramping and flu like symptoms. And we don't even have to talk about the fatigue or depression that I also experience. I don't want to deal with it. I'm lazy. No, I'm tired. So many other things to think about. Especially when I'm a pretty healthy person (or so I thought)..why this..now? hm..lots of prayers. I need answers.
I started directing our Stake Youth Choir again a few Sundays back. We'll be singing for Stake Conference in Nov. I love these youth! They're so sweet and good. I feel lucky to be around them and even though the anxiety comes on every Sunday around 5 (practice is at 630), the rehearsal always turns out fine. Just have to build up my confidence; even with the knowledge that there are many, MANY people who could do a better job.


Emily said...

Dayne needs a dance or acting or singing class! I thought your description of her standing there and then taking her home was hilarious! Are there pics of geof's trip? We'd love to see them if there are, glad he got to go.

J9 said...

Yeah, I've learned that same lesson myself with kids and activities. We signed Shelby up for a t-ball team and she sat on the pitcher's mound and filled her glove with dirt the whole time! Be grateful there are only a few weeks left and try something different the next time!

Heidi Crosby said...

Darla, I think you are wonderful. The youth are lucky to have you and so are your kids. I hope you can get to the bottom of these symptoms so you can start feeling better!

Gina said...

Darla, your kids will look back and see how good they had it.
Your sickness sounds awful. Jenni Anderson had gluten intolerance symptoms a while back and through testings and trying lots of diff. things. She finally recovered from it. In her words she told me it was the atonement that she used. Maybe I should ask her more about it some time. Why do we get these problems? Feel better