Monday, October 11, 2010

This girl!

I'm a lucky mama to have such a creative mind in my home. Dayne has her agenda when she walks in the door from school (btw, she does like school, but prefers to be home without all that "structure" stuff). The other day I was trying to clean up her art table and found these drawings lying (or is it laying?) around. I love them! It's so interesting to see what she comes up with. She hides these detailed "treasures" underneath Geof. and my pillow, as well. She's also learning to read and spell and shows a lot of interest in this area. It's been fun. She won't go to bed without a story (or 5) read to her. It's torture for her if she misses out on that (sometimes it's just too late and mom is too worn out!).

And before I forget, the other day I was riding Dayne and Cole home from, okay, we were ALL riding bikes home from school and Dayne starts up a conversation about what kind of bike she'll have when she's a mom. "Mom, I want a bike with two seats for me and my husband before we have a car. I mean, if we don't have a car, we can have a bike that has two seats that we can both ride and he won't care that it's a girl's bike....". (pause), "Mom! When am I going to be a mom!?" (that means married to a boy). "I wanna be a mommy!".

Funny girl.


Marisa said...

I have always had issues with the whole "laying/lying" which-one-is-correct thing. But you were right in this case; it's "lying." Sorry for the random comment... it's the editor in me! Dayne is hilarious. And oh, thanks for all the sweet posts for our baby on facebook! To answer your question, we were in the hospital a little longer for my tearing to get fixed. TMI, right?? ;) Ha!

The Gilberts said...

Dayne looks like a cross between you and Emily in that last picture-- wow! And cole is soo grown up, gonna be in that crazy tween phase in no time! (hat 10-13 phase) -- my goodness

I love that dayne wants to be a mom so bad, I think I always have too. It rocks being the one in charge, you had to admit that;)