Saturday, December 25, 2010

Snow day, Christmas..and you know, our life!

We went to DC for a few days before Christmas. It was so nice to finish off directing the youth choir at "Miracle of Christmas" at the zoo and heading north right after. I had a wonderful birthDAY in the in nation's capitol. Geof.'s getting really good at this birthday stuff. I think I complained enough over past years' lameness and he got the hint (or the blatantly honest, in your face, Darla).

It was freezing, however! I'm lame in cold weather. Can barely stand it. Geof.'s the same way. We still got out and did things (including visiting with my cousin Chelsea, her husband Justin and their two babies-who were in town- at the Botanical Gardens train display and the Lego museum)..until June threw up and then we stayed in and watched movies and visited with some DC friends. Now, that's happy making.

The week before Christmas, the kids school was cancelled due to snow (that hadn't fallen yet) and once again, I stayed inside while they ventured out to the freshly fallen white stuff.


Joan said...

Such a cute family!

Emily said...

FUN! I love your life and family. Geof. took good care of you this year and what a fun place to head for your birthday...also can I please have that beautiful christmas tree in the pic at the botanically place? Also got a good laugh at cole hucking june onto the snow covered tramp. Wish I could have heard your choir sing too!

Mindi said...

I was showing these pics to Adam and he saw the pic of Geof. in a Ironstone jacket and Ad says, "Oh, that's where that coat went". Cute pics, can't wait to see you guys.