Saturday, December 4, 2010

tonight, last night, and last week

We put up the Christmas tree tonight. It was a big pine needly mess. Even my Oreck (which I thought could handle any mess) had a hard time sucking it all up. But it's done, and now we don't want to leave the front room (sleepover under the Christmas tree? I'll leave that to Geof. and the kids). The girls were very excited to play with the nativity. I caught June mid-sentence talking with Mary. (; Oh, and I just noticed i have that pic twice. Who's the favorite...?

We discovered a new part of Richmond that the kids and I had never been to last week. Church hill. The last few colors of fall were holding on just for our viewing. It was beautiful. As I always say, our family is happiest outdoors.

Cole turned eight on the 2nd and we had a bday party for him last night. We went to one of those indoor inflation places. Lame. No, not really. Just the price. I guess that's what happens when your house is too small to accommodate a bday party and you chose to have a kid in the dead of winter (we didn't really choose, though). He invited three boys and one girl who actually moved away during the summer. His first love... (:

And that adorable little pilgrim down there? That's Dayne, of course. Not to be confused with me when I was five (and just happened to be living in VA, as well) and came home during the Thanksgiving festivities wearing close to the same EXACT outfit (but we didn't stop with just the pilgrim/paper bag costume, we ALSO made an indian). I wish I had that5 year old pic of me to compare the two of us.

..and, goodnight!


Emily said...

Oh I so love Dayne's homemade pilgrim outfit! And the pictures trimming the tree are terrific too! Love this time of year.
(would love to hear what June was saying talking to Mary too!)

lindsey said...

I bet your tree smells divine. I miss you! When are you coming to Utah next? Btw, the yellow short sleeve sweater you are wearing next post down...I have the same one! We are twin cousins, like patty reed:)

Corey said...

Happy Birthday to Cole. It's fun him and Corey share a birthday. We miss you guys!!! (This is Sarah...sometimes it's easier than changing accounts. :) )

Emily said...

Love the Christmas tree!!!!