Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cole got baptized, Adam, Mindi and Ruby flew out from Colorado to be here for it. Ivy, Shane, and Christian drove down from DC. Le Anne and Ellery (who are still here!) flew out from Washington. We're blessed. Le Anne and I sang for Cole's baptism. Here's us practicing..


Ashley said...

I love that your family picture with Cole and Geof in whites, Cole looks like he's going after Dayne to bug her. Family pictures are so hard.

It was fun to be there. Leland was sad that we were so late, but was glad she didn't miss the ice cream ;)

Emily said...

Oh goodness I loved these pictures. Cole-Good Job! You look so grown up and sweet and happy, just as you should!
Wahoo for visitors, you had a houseful and I'll bet it was wonderful and so much fun.
And Yay for Singing Mothers! I loved that video and wanted to hear the whole thing, your voices blend so well and FYI I liked your ending!

Hurliman Family Blog said...

Growing boy!!! I am so happy for you all that so many people came out for this, that must show you guys how much you are loved right? I also loved the singing! You two sound great together! I love your family!! I miss you and am happy for your sweet family....now get pregnant with me!!!!

.From Her. said...

If you have a child that just got baptized, you must be OLD. I don't care if your pictures/video look like you are 12. You are old.

So there.

PS Do I sound bitter that you are so smokin hot?? No way.

Joan said...

What a fun time! I can't believe Cole is 8! I've changed my dates to go to Georgia. But if you get a chance, go see Linds in March. 423 East River Street. Love you!