Saturday, March 5, 2011

Date with Dayne...and some eye pleasing pics of our pretty girl

Geof. and Dayne have a very special bond. It'd be more than safe to say she's a daddy's girl. However, Dayne is not at all prejudice and once you give her a little attention, you have all of her. She's very forgiving and Geof. and I both agree that she is by far our least selfish, MOST selfLESS child.
Dayne and I went on a mommy/daughter date tonight. Before I forget to post about it, I'll fill you on on some of our conversations. This girl is hilarious! Her mind is always going a million miles an hour. The rest of us can all be sitting in the family room watching a movie and she's busy entertaining herself (in the other rooms) coloring, story telling, doing her hair..not so interested in something else (like a movie) keeping her attention.
While driving to our destination tonight, here were a few of her thoughts and questions (she talked, and talked, and talked ALL NIGHT LONG):
(In a frustrated tone): "Aah, Mom...when am I going to grow up? It takes forever!"
"How many days to get married, 100?"
Lest you think that Dayne is anxious to grow up and leave us to find her Romeo (you see, Dayne brings up this whole growing up and getting married thing often), this was her reply when I asked her why she wanted to get married and leave us: "No mommy! I don't ever want to get married! I want to stay with you and daddy forever!".
We went window shopping, had some heavenly frozen yogurt, and then saw "Tangled" at the Byrd.
While driving home, Dayne's talking and inquiries didn't stop. They ranged from how the mail gets into the airplane and all the way to Grandma's whether or not I would want to go on a date in a hot air balloon at night, or stay at home. ???
Funny, creative, smart, independent girl. Don't grow up.

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Lindsay said...

this was a sweet post. glad you and dayne got to spend some quality time together. these are really cute pics. i love the first 2 of you and the 2 of her and geof.