Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I went to an institute class today and the teacher shared this poem that her nephew had written for her sister's funeral. His words felt good to me. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing them.

The Rose (Written for Margaret Rose Nelson's funeral by her nephew, Michael Lichfield)

The angels sadly watch their favorite flower
As winter winds and sleet her stalk surround.
They pray to God to spare, for He has power
To give her rest in His celestial grounds.
Yet God, our gardener, every flower knows.
So told He to His angels, still forlorn,
"I searched the world for such a lovely rose,
And found the greatest in a ring of thorns.
Now every plant which in my garden grows
Will pale if strife won't likewise it adorn.
So when come winds or fright'ning winter snows,
The roses which still bloom throughout the storm,
These roses only will I take to me,
For they can stand with one from Calvary."

And isn't June a good mommy? We watch this little Claire once in a while. Junie has been asking me all day when we can buy a baby. I told her, "We don't buy babies, they come into mommy's belly".

She gasps, "Mommy! You have a baby in your belly?!"

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J9 said...

Well, geez, Darla! Why don't you just go get one in your tummy then! I am still getting those questions from Savannah..... I tell her someday she will get to be a mom!

Jacki said...

Hints about what time it is getting to be? Love you!!

Cory said...

So do you?!?

julie said...

i love junes hair these days.

Hurliman Family Blog said...

Okay I was totally expecting to scroll down after all the pictures and see a big "AND WE ARE!!" you are such a tease!

Haley and Cameron Roberts said...

aww thanks for posting these!!!!

.From Her. said...

You CAN buy a baby. We are trying. Really hard, actually. ha ha ha ha