Saturday, March 5, 2011


Plants are still alive. Didn't think I'd enjoy keeping/attempting/growing plants the way I have/am. It's been so nice. I also got some goldfish the other day (yes, I did add more water to the bowl). We're all loving these little fish. Dayne came home from school on day two and ran in the kitchen to check on the little guys (or girls?) and shouted, "Ya! They didn't die!" (I had informed her they might not live for more than a few days. Even Geof. is concerned for their well being; making sure they're put in a warmer room at night, get fed enough..and although he was against me getting them at first, he's showing signs of a caring father. (;

The past weekend was absolutely wonderful. On Sat. there was a bi-stake women's conference and I was asked to be in charge of "Women at the Well" again (read about last year's performance here) which would be the last event of the day. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the morning classes and what a spiritual feast! I was very touched by every word I heard and felt so much love and needed peace that morning. One of the songs sung in "Women at the Well" have these lyrics, "It was though there was a drought, and every word He spoke was rain" (referring to hearing Christ's words in person)..that was exactly how I felt on Sat. My heart was so full by the time we performed that I couldn't hold back my emotions...none of us could. It was a very special, sacred experience.

I do love LIFE and the experiences we have here. I know that the dark times are necessary to fully appreciate the light. When I am living a Christ centered life, however, those dark times are fewer and the serenity that fills me is beyond words. Thank you, God for giving me these moments in life that I hope to remember.


Emily said...

I loved all these posts so much! That picture of Geof. and Dayne sleeping is so touching. You do a great job of capturing life's un-staged moments like that.

Wish I could have been there to hear your Women at the Well performance too. You expressed your feeling about that day so well!

Wendy said...

I love those songs soo much. I'm glad you had such a special experience.

Sarah said...

I'm so glad that it turned out so well. And I'm glad you were given tender mercies of light. They are always most welcome.

lindsey said...

I love're blog posts are always so spiritually uplifting!