Sunday, July 31, 2011


Bought a house, painted it, moved in, tried to live a normal life for a few weeks. Unpacked more boxes, had a week of 110+ degree heat and hot that we had to call our friends at 1am and sleep in their AC home (ours is currently not functioning. ugh.). The kids and I left a week ago via standby tickets (no fun) to SLC. Made it without any trouble (fun!) and played at brother Bevan's for 2 days before driving to the Oregon Coast with kids and cousin Camille and new husband Aaron. 11 hour drive with little to no sleep? No fun. But grateful to Bevan for loaning us his car and to Aaron and Camille for doing most of the driving.

Spent the last 3 days at the beautiful coast of Oregon with 130+ family members. It's been a dream. The only thing that could make it (much) better would be to have my Geof. Driving back to Utah in a week (after I spend a week with Geof.'s fam in WA) and playing there. Tired but happy to be playing with my kids. They love it! Geof. is working like a dog so we can play. Good man. He just got home from a 3 days youth conference in Kirtland, Ohio. Apparently it was AMAZING and many spiritual experiences were had. So glad. Pics to come soon. Staying up WAY TOO LATE tonight.


Forever Young said...

So glad that you guys are in a house and enjoying that. The family reunion was a dream:)

The Gilberts said...

Your house is looking great! Sad you couldn't come out to CA but glad you got to enjoy the big Erickson Reunion. Looking forward to the pics :)