Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Old Rag with Dad

For Labor Day, Geof. took Cole on an 8 mile hike up to Old Rag . Cole's such a little stud. He's a mountain goat, says Geof. Scampered over all the rocks and passed many people on the trail, constantly shouting, "This is so awesome!". I think we know where Cole is in his element. And we love that about him. This boy was meant to be outside...as much as possible. And so happy to have some alone time with Daddy.

I know this blog has been majorly neglected. I'm so behind I couldn't even catch up if I tried. I'll try and keep it updated more often.

Geof. just told me that the hat Cole's wearing is the same hat he wore at 16 when he hiked around Mt. Rainier. Nice.


ivyjeanne said...

Whew -- seeing Cole so close to the edge makes my stomach flip. I'm sure he was fine but I think you were smart to send him with Geof. so you didn't have to watch. ;)

Sarah said...

Those pictures are so much fun! It makes me want to be a mountain goat! :)

mrs. m said...

Oh Darla, that song talks about killing! They say "you better run, better run, out run my gun!" I heard the explanation on the radio the morning I had my psych clinical! It creeped me out!