Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dayne is 7 in a little over a month. She's really become a good reader. Still prefers making up stories to actual reading, but I appreciate her imagination. She gets along mostly with Cole and June-still trying to figure out how to be "friends" with Cole..but that will come, I believe. As much as they fight, I can see that they still REALLY love each other and want to protect one another.

Most mornings Dayne wants to pick out her outfit and do her own hair. She fights me on this..and once in a while she wins. I
should let her win everyday..

I'm completely obsessed with how pretty things are outside my window right now. This is what our yard looked like the first time we saw this home last Spring. I've been looking forward to this view from my front window since we moved in.

A foggy morning..

Dayne and Cole eating their after school snack on the kitchen floor while watching tv..
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