Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things that made me happy today

Seeing these pretty flowers on my dining room table amidst the two day mess of dishes, art supplies, and homework.

Perfect little mugs from Goodwill. Very Darla.

My friend gave me this plant clipping (not sure of the name) after I killed all mine (sad day) leaving them outside all night. Apparently 70 degree days are okay for house plants to be outside but 40 degree nights are NOT. Said friend told me to stick these in some water until they start to root and then to plant them. Good to know! :)

Dayne and June getting ready to say family prayers. Happy making for me. The sheets stripped from the bed from yet another bed wetting by June?? Not good. Does that not ALWAYS happen right after you finally finish all your laundry and put it away?

Dayne showing me the picture she drew of herself and Jesus. Such a sweet girl. Always wanting to please others and feel love. I mean, look at her shirt! She really DOES love you!

Dayne's lying (or laying?)next to her favorite person: Daddy. Thank goodness for sweet daddy.

Junie struggling to sit still and listen during scriptures and our nightly reading of Judy Moody. Not her favorite thing to do, but she's pretty good at complying to the needs and wants of others. Good girl.

Dayne and June cleaning the church tonight after our blue and gold banquet and cake auction.

Watching Cole play soccer in our front yard. I love our front yard (even if it's mostly weeds). Cole just had his first game of the season and wow, does that kid know how to play soccer! He's awesome! Now if only we can get him to enjoy school as much as soccer. ;{ Within the last year he really has improved with dribbling, passing, shooting ,etc. We're very proud of him.

Posted by PicasaI got these plates at Goodwill yesterday for $10! The flowered plates match my muggs! Well, maybe not, but I like to think they do. They're in great shape-both sets!

What made you happy today?


Emily said...

What made me happy today? (or rather yesterday) a phone call and blog post from Darla and seeing those great pictures of your kids. Love the looks of your yard btw. maybe someday owen and cole and play soccer there together. thatwouldbesofun!

Meganis said...

the plates remind me of grandma sellers! so cute.

ivyjeanne said...

Yes, I was going to say -- I think Gma Sellers has those flower plates! And maybe the others too. ;)