Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just a day

We're midway through summer, and the kids and I were finally able to do one thing on our "summer craft/project" list (not much of a list..just some ideas bouncing around in the brain). So after a few days of talking about it and the kids following me around wondering "when" it would happen, we got out the ingredients and very quickly molded together a volcano (surprisingly quick--why'd I'd think it'd be hard?) ERUPTING volcano. We'd like to do another one, a bigger one, since I swear the one I remember making (or just seeing?) as a third grader was MUCH larger.  ;)

 We followed this recipe but doubled it:

 June's face saying, "Really, this is as big as it gets?"
 Cole pouring the vinegar in..
 ..and how 'bout some more baking soda?
 And more?

 And more!

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ivyjeanne said...

Fun times! Christian would have enjoyed that. I can't wait to do more of those projects/experiment with him. You're such a fun mama, Darla!