Wednesday, January 2, 2013

VA Christmas

Geof. just informed me that I need to go take some pictures for him for this'll be quick-not much narrative..., and most of these pics you might have already seen, anyway. Hopefully Le Anne will post her "Virginia Christmas Story" on here so you'll have a better idea of what we did. And "did" we did DO! There's always a handful of things to do while in Richmond and its surrounding areas.., but I'm coming to appreciate more and more the quiet (and not so quiet) time in our home.., reading books, doing puzzles (we decided to leave the card table out for a few months to do puzzles on while watching movies), enjoying meals together, etc. Le Anne and Ellery spoiled us rotten with not only gifts (can't wait to use the leaf blower!), but just their undivided attention. They're always so good at that. They're good listeners and make you feel special and important...even if you're not feeling too great about yourself. :) We dragged them all over and they were good sports about it.

 The kids loved the "tickle monster", Gma's goodies (and Pa's, of course!), movies, staying up late(r), trying on GOBS of new clothes (Yay!Thank you Meags and Hazel!), receiving gifts, buying gifts (Cole surprised Geof. and me with some things he picked out with Gma from Costco), going on walks in the rain, hearing stories of Pa and Dana's growing up years. Lucky kids. That's what Geof. said after we dropped them off at the airport. He was "so happy his kids could have this experience with their grandparents".  Thank you, Ellery and Le Anne for ALWAYS MAKING LIFE SPECIAL.

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Emily said...

Are you singing in that last pic? I want to hear it!!!! What a fun thing it is when grandparents visit. Your house is looking so inviting and comfortable to me--can I please come sit on your couch?!