Saturday, March 15, 2008


dayne: She has an obsession with touching her eyebrow and wrist. Usually she tries to touch both eyebrows and one wrist simulaneously. i'll try to get a picture posted. very funny. I just finished an excellent book titled Triumph. It's the story of Jesse Owens and the 36 Olympics held in berlin. When Brind and Julia came out to visit last week we went to the Holocaust museum in D.C. and part of it talked about Hitler using the Olympics as propoganda. So reading this book right after that gave a lot of detail on what the Jews were going through leading up to the olympics. Hitler proclaiming aryan supremacy while the black athletes from america ran circles around the rest of the world. It was very disturbing thinking about how a first world country was overtaken by a government which had never won more than 38% of the popular vote. stripping it's people of their rights. there was an interesting quote in the museum i can't remember completely. "When they took away the Jews I said nothing, when the communists were taken I said nothing, etc.., finally when they came to take me away there was no one to say anything." interesting to think how swiftly we can lose our rights i.e. the patriot act. well darla and dayne are out shopping and cole and I are watching the classic Robin Hood, what could be better?


Emily Averett said...

Wow Geof....I remember when we visited DC (and that museum)back in the highschool years and I still remember the room with all the shoes and how that smelled and all of the hair clippings too. It was one of the most moving/disturbing experiences I've had...sometimes it easier not to think about those aspects of history, but that quote you mentioned is the perfect reason TO remember.

Romney Family said...

Darla~ your kids are so cute!! Man, how the two oldest have grown~since they are the only ones I have seen. June sure is a little cutie!! It was fun to see what you and Geof are up to and to see your growing family!! Hope you don't mind I got your page from the Howells. Jessie