Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Geof. had to leave for work around 9 am today, so we made him some applesauce muffins and sang to him before taking him to work and Cole to school (pre-school). Don't mind Dayne screaming in the background, "No! My turn, my turn!". She's the boss around here.


Darla said...

Don't know why it's do I fix that anyway?

ANGELA said...

Darla and Geoff Bennett-
What the heck! It has been way too long!!! How are you guys? I miss the the good ol' days of hanging out in our wonderful Starcrest apartment. Check out our blog and let me know your really alive! Your kids are adorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love, The Gappmayers

Walnut said...

DUDES!!!!!!! Im so glad you got the blog going. Its a cool way to stay connected. This way you never have to call or visit anyone because typing short comments electronically is just as personal.
To fix the sideways video just tilt the computer monitor on its side.

Totally miss you guys.

Emily Averett said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Of course we didn't remember the actual day, until about 1 AM your time and didnt' think you'd appreciate a call at that time, not to mention it was already the next day for you! But hopefully this and our 2 weeks too early birthday call will suffice.

Steve and Katie Hoffman said...

happy birthday geof! it i had been there i would have tried to harmonize with darla.....can't you just picture it now hermana????