Thursday, March 20, 2008

We can't get rid of Dayne's binkie! Last time we went up to D.C. as a family (about a month ago), I was really trying not to do the binkie thing, and Geof. finally drove to the store on our first night and picked some up because he was so desperate and sick of Dayne whining (this was HuGE for Geof. He does NOT go to the store). So here she is asleep on the couch with her much needed binkie in place just in case she wakes up.
The sweetest beebs finally standing with Daddy.
Cute pic of Cole and Dayne when we were in Cali. last. Look at how beautiful Cole's head of hair is! I sure miss it when it's gone. He has gorgeous hair!
Typical grumpy Cole face.
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julie said...

so cute. you can come visit us anytime. we'll be out of town the first week of april, but come any other time! cody would love your kids. :)

julie said...

cody has the same target briefs.

Emily Averett said...

I still can't get over the fact that you live on the east coast...that picture of you guys in front of the washington monument? I want to die! And the story about Geof. going to the store for passey's, you're right he must have been down and out desperate!