Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Patty's Day

I picked Cole up from school today and he was sooo excited to tell me about the leprochauns that had broken in to his classroom and "ruined" (his words) everything. "They even tipped over the garbage can!". When we got home he ran around the house looking to see if they'd messed up our place. And yes, they had. (; Cole is adorable and has so much life in him. Too much recently, to the point of throwing constant fits and crying episodes. We're working on him though. Well, we and prayer are at least. Here's June trying to eat some bananas. Most ended up on the floor. And lastly, one funny story about Dayne. This morning I told her to lean over her bowl of cereal while eating (she's always spilling all over the place), to which she responded with a hand to her ear and a "quiet mom, I'm talking on the phone". I didn't even know what to do except cover my mouth, run to my room, and call Geof. laughing. She's so funny and such a brat at the same time! We love her though.
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Arah said...

I was trying to see what worked best for Julie too. I will be in Utah the 18-23 for a wedding. Julie and I will be in Seattle teh first few day of April, but any other time looks great. We would love to have you and there is always a place to crach, even with three kids. Brinley and cody would be in heaven. I wasn't ignoring you, just trying to coordinate with Julie

Darla said...

hee...hee.., i knew you weren't flaky!! I'll look at my calendar and maybe/hopefully we can plan it out! (:

Marisa said...

Darla I didn't know you had a blog! I will add you to my list. I can't believe how big your kids are.

As for the Erickson Family blog, you will have to ask Kambria. She's the one who created it and has all the powers of adding people to it. You can email her at kambriae@gmail.com.

Love you!

Romney Family said...

Cole~sure looks like Geof!! Kids sure say the darndest things!!