Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bennett and Averett children. So sweet and such stinkers as well!!

We had a short, but sweet visit up at my brother Bevan's house in Logan. Here's Cole and his little cousin North playing some monster video game that Cole was OBSESSED with. I was actually tempted to buy one. Probably not though.

June and her precious cousin True swinging at the park. They really loved eachother. It was soooo sweet!!

Derek and Emily had a fabulous graduation party Friday night. We flew all the way from Virginia just to eat their yummy food! They have to open a restaurant someday!! (:
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Pierces said...

I just read a page full of awesome kid names. Way to go everyone. Way to go...

Brade & Linds said...

wow Darla, your hair looks so long!!!!!!!!

Emily Averett said...

I love that picture of the kids, I'm a dummy for not taking any when my camera was out there practically the whole time...maybe it had something to do with Owen and Cole climbing through our death trap of a fence or catapulting things into the tree??!!!
PS I'm glad you got home, I hope it was an easy trip?