Sunday, April 6, 2008

Go Forest Go!!

Geof. ran his first race since high school on Sat. morning. It was a 10K on a beautiful, historic street here in Richmond called "Monument Avenue". There's a monument every block or so and most (I believe) are erected to honor someone from the Civil War time period. Geesh, I feel like an idiot. I'm pretty sure that's what the monuments are... He did well other than rubbing his poor nipples sore. Afterward, we got pretty lost trying to find our car. Here's some beautiful pics of the homes on are way back. We lOVE how pretty it is here! It's such a great place to raise kids!

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Brade & Linds said...

GO GEOF GO!!! i love that he ran the 10K. Did i tell you that I totally signed up for it and then gave up on training because, lets face it, i hate running. im glad someone i know stuck with it. im such a wuss.

shivy said...

awesome. obviously i'm not a pro-runner because i didn't realize the nipple issue was real for guys. now geof. can relate all the more to andy on "the office." :)

miss you guys.