Sunday, April 6, 2008

I think I'll be blogging all night. I got the idea from my great sister in law Mindi to do a self portrait once a week to kind of portray how the week went. Well, as you can see from the pic, this was a tiring one! Poor Dayne had a UTI (urinary tract infection for any of you guys out there). She was MISERABLE all week. I didn't even know she had it until day 3 of high fevers (104) and not eating. I took her in and the dr. just happened to get a sample of her urine thankfully. The pic of her smiling was from yesterday when we went to Charlottesville. That was the first time we saw her happy all week. Unfortunately, her smiles didn't last long and our trip to Charlottesville ended pretty sorely...badly, whatever! Today has been better thank goodness, but I'm just now catching up on laundry from a week of Dayne's vomiting. Who knew UTI were so bad?!!

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Mindi said...

I love it Darla. I don't know why Self-Portiat Day is so appealing. Maybe because only 2% of our family pictures involve us because we are always taking the pictures. I'm so sorry about Dayne and the UTI. My friend just told me about her friend's little girl who had a UTI for a year straight! Yikes.

Brade & Linds said...

I love that picture, it cracks me up. you are awesome!!! i might have to steal that self portrait day thing one of these days. i love it.

Forever Young said...

There is nothing worse then having to see little kids suffer and feel like there is nothing you can do to take their pain away. Sounds like it was a crasy week.