Sunday, May 18, 2008


congrats you've arrived. NOT. thanks wayne campbell. the roller coaster of aviation took a beautiful arc swing from apex to trough in a 24 hr. period. i arrived back from st. louis and that same night received a call telling me i was being down graded. 22 captains being demoted. possible furloughs for the jr. first officers. for those of you who plan on travelling buy your tickets now. prices will just go up as airlines stop flying many less profitable routes. hopefully you're elite so you can continue to travel in the future. if you are elite welcome aboard you're in 3c. the family is good we're just beating our head against the wall for the weekend wondering what we want to do.


Jessica said...

I am screaming with you! I am So sorry for you guys! What a bunch of punks... Wishing you the best!

Erin Fletcher said...

Hang in there, Geof. It will all make sense one day when you look back. I know, I know...not what you want to hear right now -- just giving you some perspective from someone with a lot more years looking backwards. You guys are the best and I love you all.