Thursday, May 15, 2008

Geof. got home today and says he has like a week or more off (they said a week minimum)..., so I'm just wondering what we'll do with all our time. Yea! He's off with Cole and Dayne at the dentist right now, and June's sleeping. How nice for me. As for the previous post, and a few before that, boy am I vain! I am very grateful to have a healthy body that gets me from A-B and beyond. So enough of my griping. Life is good.

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Emily Averett said...

Hey! Enjoy that time off, you BOTH deserve it. Cute swim suit BTW, and I wish all I had to worry about was some flappy stomach skin!! How bout a large slab of fat covered by skin!!? (ps you're not vain, you're just a woman!)