Monday, May 19, 2008

I post all at once, I apologize. On Sat. we went swimming and all got incredibly sunburnt. We feel so bad for not having put sunscreen on the kids. We didn't realize it would be as bad as it was!! My back was hurting so bad last night that I moved to Cole's bed and he moved back to our bed with a more snuggly Dad. Dayne found her way in there too and this is how I found them this morning. So exhausted and all so burnt!!

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Brade & Linds said...

i love this picture. its just precious.

Emily Averett said...

Owie! Made for cute pictures though! I love sleeping children. Have fun peeling each others backs...(Gross!)

Arah said...

so cute Darla! we got some sun this weekend also, I remembered to put sunscreen on Brinley but totally spaced putting any on myself...go figure. there were quite a few lobsters at church on Sunday.