Monday, May 19, 2008

We went on this incredible walk Sunday night at a nearby park. We just love Richmond so much and it makes us sad knowing so much is up in the air right now with Geof.'s job. Yes, he'll be sticking with aviation and Trans States (at least for now), but the kids and I (and Geof. when he's not working) will probably be moving to Battle Ground, WA for the next 6 plus months to live with Geof.'s parents and save money for a home that we'll hopefully one day move into. Did that run on sentence even make sense? We are happy, and grateful, and excited..., but we do wish all had worked out with his upgrade and we could finally "settle" in our own home here in Richmond.
This park is really old. I'm not sure how old, but there's all these lamp posts and benches set up around what used to be a decent sized body of water, but is now just overgrown, grassy, beautiful marshland.

Why can't I ever get this girl to smile for the camera? So stubborn!
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julie said...

this is cute. bummer to hear about the situation, but it will be nice for you to be close. even if its only temporary. so.... what will you do with the name of your blog? i like east coast bennetts, even if you become west coast you. julie

Arah said...

Sorry to here about Geoff's job. However, how cool is it that you will only be like 5 hours from us and even closer to so much other family.
Hope things work out for you guys. Love ya!

Jordan said...

Sucks about the promo not working out, but it will be good to see you guys. When are you going to be moving out here?