Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Sat. night Geof. tells me that we're going camping (Sabbath camping right?) the next night at our friend's parent's property. I do love camping, but I've learned it can be so difficult with kids, and the clean-up sometimes feels not so worth it. Some of my best memories as a kid are camping with family and friends, though. So you see, we do it for our kids. And they LOVED it (and we did too!!)

The property was right outside or Charlottesville and was so beautiful. The whole drive out, Geof. and I kept saying how pretty it was and how much we'd love to retire out here. We camped right next to a little lake, and to our delight, we even got to do some canoeing and paddle boating. Fun!

Here's a funny pic of Dayne and June with our friend's Brade and Emily. No, they're not married. Their spouses were close by. That's what makes the pic so funny. (:

Cole was very interested in the fishing poles and starting fishing right away when we arrived. And to our surprise, he caught a fish on the first cast (or try? Whatever you call it). I was so proud and knew my fisherman dad would love hearing that story. He would of fished all night long if we'd let him. I overheard Geof. telling someone on the phone that he woke up the next morning and said to Geof., "you were supposed to wake me up at 1 to go fishing!". I guess it's time to invest in a fishing pole for Cole.
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Arah said...

how fun! I can imagine anywhere you go in that part of the country is beautiful.

julie said...

i love your choice in music. most people haven't heard of ani defranco, and a van morrison cover? just my taste. :)

Emily Averett said...

So fun! I can't believe how green it looks there..and shorts and swimsuits already? I'm in a sweatshirt and pants today! Actually the weather been pretty nice, not shorts nice-but still, today's just a bit chillier! I read to Owen about Cole fishing and could tell he was very intrigued and then he told he wants a fishing pole too! All your pics are really cute.

Arah said...

when are you guys moving to our beautiful state? We would love to have you come visit Spokane!

g said...

ah geof you look so cute in this picture

Forever Young said...

Yeah for going out and doing it in spite of all the hard work that comes with camping. Some of my best memories were camping with my family, and now Ashton and I do it together. So much fun!!! Love you guys so much I miss you.