Friday, July 4, 2008

baby june

It's late on the 4th. I thought I'd post real quick before tomorrow since the kids are finally asleep. We stayed up late to watch the fireworks. Most of them were hidden behind trees, so I drove around like a madwoman trying to find a good spot. We got the last 2 minutes or so in. Geof. had to leave early this morning for a 4 day trip. I was gonna meet him in Norfolk tonight (where his overnight is) so we could all watch the fireworks on the beach, but when we went to the airport to pick up his car and drive it out (we're selling our van tomorrow), the battery died 5 minutes from the airport. I had to pay some Indian lady (not a racial remark, I swear) 20 bucks just so I could leave my car in her Days Inn parking lot. I couldn't even roll the windows up. Hopefully we don't have any rain storms.
Now for the real reason I posted, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little JUNE BUG!! Even though your birth had to be the most emotionally and physically exhausting experience of my life, your short time here has been such a wonderful blessing. You put a smile on my face every time I look at you. I'm in love. Cole and Dayne (and Daddy!) adore you as well and there's not a moment that we're not fighting over who gets to hold you. Happy birthday baby.


The Gilberts said...

Hey Darla, Justin got into Santa Clara law school and the job market in San Fran is much better there than Philly, so that is why we are deciding to move. Another perk is that I would love to have the fam around when I have and raise the new baby...
I tried to keep my blog entry a little "vague" until I tell my employer in a couple of weeks that I'm leaving LOL. I did give a full explanation on facebook where I seem to bump into everyone.
So I'm so sorry your car battery died-- grrrr... did you have to take a taxi to the airport to get geoffs car? Moving is so stressful! I can relate to what you're going through-- I am hosting a RS party on Friday (scheduled before I knew we were moving of course) and I am having el missionarios come over pronto the next day to paint our walls back to white so I can hopefully get some semblance of our rent deposit back from the landlord. Justin actually drove to CA and will arrive today sometime to job hunt and start working. I will be alone here for 8 weeks but I don't care as long as he starts working before I move on Aug 23rd. So thats the full scoop. Are you doing the moving van thing or are you selling you stuff and flying?

Brade & Linds said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JUNE BUG. I seriously love that kid. And yes, Darla, that picture of her is awesome.