Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I can't even begin to tell you the kind of day Dayne had yesterday. She's not light-footed (if that's even the term) and can easily fall, trip, what have you, multiple times a day. But yesterday was the worst of all. She walked into everything. First thing in the morning, she's playing around in the back of the van, next thing we know she's head first out of the van onto the concrete. OUCH! Geof. brought her in with a very concerned voice, so I knew it wasn't just another light fall. She had the hugest goose egg I've ever seen. I wish I could of gotten a pic yesterday, but it would of been insensitive of me. So I snagged one this morning. Poor Daynie.


Emily Averett said...

Oh Man...I'll be that hurt. At least in the pic a day later she has a surprisingly happy face. Good thing kids are pretty resilient!

Arah said...

poor kid. That looked like it hurt and yet, she has a smile on her face.