Friday, August 29, 2008

Is it REALLY that age, I mean?

My little Cole has been so concerned lately with the thought of me getting old and dying. Today during our lunch prayer, he even asked 'that mom doesn't get old and die'. I told him that we'll all die someday, but that we'll live again and be together as families. He's still trying to grasp that one.
He starts school on Wed. and soccer as well (I don't know WHEN exactly). It's exciting and a little lonely to see him growing so fast. I try to get all the hugs I can now...while he still lets me.


Emily Averett said...

That's sure cute that he's worried enough to pray about it! See our kids really do love us!

lindsey said...

darla--maci had her me for an update.

Arah said...

email me your address and I will send you a disc of the pictures. Unless there is a website you would rather me use. I can download them. Let me know.
kunzfamily at hotmail dot com