Thursday, November 13, 2008

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month is $2 Tuesday at the Portland Zoo. Despite the weather being freezing, windy, and raining, we made the trip down and really enjoyed it. I'm learning you just have to play in the rain up here in the NW in order to love living here. Here's sweet Jack. He and June have a cute little bond. He's the only cousin she'll go to.
I met this girl Nikki at the park a few months back and she and her husband and little 2 yr. old Garrett have been a nice addition to the Bennett clan. We love having them around!

Ellynn was not too excited about posing so close to due date (you know how comfortable we all feel with our bodies at this point), but I think she looks great. So here she is with her adoring husband, Jason. (:

Hazel and Dayne wearing their matching rain coats from Aunt Brooke.
Sweet Wilohm.

Drooling June. She's getting more teeth in..


Mindi said...

Awesome pics, D. And new friends! Good on ya mate.

lindsey said...

that looks so fun! and great pictures. you know how to capture the moment.

Emily Averett said...

Yay for cheap outings! Your friend Nikki looks like the other Bennett Clan members, funny! Did Ellyn move to WA?

Moni said...

Your kids are so beautiful. I can't wait to see you guys. We are just over a week away. Maybe we can catch the Zoo with you while we are there. We go to the Zoo all the time we bought a family pass and visit often. In fact I think that pass is good for your very Zoo. Anywho, look at me making plans already. See you soon.

Keidi02 said...

Hey I love and miss the zoo. Looks like you had a great time. I would love to get together with your cuz that lives here, I've met a few girls but I havn't really clicked with anyone, I need some sillies to hang out with.
- Heidi

Forever Young said...

What a fun are always doing the coolest stuff. I miss you guys.