Sunday, November 16, 2008

If you're tired of reading about the election, the results, or don't agree with the fact that we might be facing a terrifyingly socialisitic run government, then don't read the following letter. I don't want to offend, but there is truth in what she's saying. We are turning our back on what our country stands for-I TRULY believe we're giving up our freedom for "free stuff".

The author of this letter is Katherine Hardy. She is 26 years old and lives in Houston. What a country this would be if the majority of the twenty something or for that matter any age group understood these ramifications. I wish they would have had her out on the campaign trail.
My thoughts, for what they are worth -Yesterday, America made history, not only in electing our first black president, but also in electing our first radical president, our first Marxist president, our first president who openly expresses his belief that “We the people” are not individuals who can be self-reliant, but a collection of people who need to spread the wealth.
We elected a person whose entire voting record & title of most liberal Congressman of 2007 doesn’t come close to the moderate persona he portrayed over his 2 year presidential campaign, we elected someone who thinks capitalism, self-reliance, & individual liberty, & the document that guarantees these things for use- the very things that made this country the beacon of hope & the leader of freedom & opportunity over the last 250 years is flawed.
We elected a person who seems to think the thing we have been missing in this country is bigger, more powerful, and more expensive government. Let me share with you the practical things that will happen with this new presidency, a Democrat-run Congress, and little to no checks & balances:
Taxes on businesses large and small will go up which must and will be passed onto the consumer through the cost of goods & services.
Taxes on small business will force lay offs, decreasing employment, and forcing more people to rely on the government unemployment & welfare doles.
Your Social Security and Medicare taxes will go up, or the business side of those taxes will go up so your wages increase as much or not at all to offset this increase.
Cap and trade legislation (i.e. carbon taxes on businesses) will dramatically raise utility costs to you. As Obama said, he will "bankrupt the coal industry (which the U.S. relies on for 50% of it’s electricity) through his cap and trade proposal in order to cause skyrocketing electricity costs", forcing us all to cut back due to the unaffordability.
High gasoline prices will return as soon as they pass the Windfall profits tax on oil. Oil companies will not just eat the cost of these taxes, they will first pass the taxes onto the consumer, and then they will cut back on production & exploration, as they did in the Carter years, causing massive shortages, and increased prices. The $500 2nd stimulus check the Dems are promising you, paid for by this "windfall oil profits tax"? That will last you maybe 5 gas tanks full. The increased expense of gas & electricity in the long run will far exceed the $500. Labor unions will grow; particularly public employee unions, so local and state taxes and fees will go up.
Note: You now pay the following taxes at a minimum:1. State and local sales tax- 8.75% of almost everything you buy2. Property taxes (whether you rent or own) of approx. 10% of your payment for housing cost.3. Social security, FUTA and Medicare taxes equal to 16.1 %4. Income Tax approx. 15% plus the lost interest because you withhold too much of an additional average of 3% for a total of 18%5. Taxes on gasoline utilities, telephone and virtually all other necessities of approx. 12% of all dollars spent.
So, you are paying over 50% of everything you make in taxes of some form or other not counting fees for license registration, inspection, tolls, etc. This will go up as government becomes larger and more expensive. This is why it takes two working persons in a family to live a middle class existence now as opposed to the period before the New Deal & Great Society presidencies of FDR and Johnson (two periods of unchecked Democrat executive & legislative control where socialist binges led to vast expansions of government power). Defense spending on new technology will dramatically decrease and overall defense spending will decrease dramatically. Terrorist attacks on U.S. interests will increase for the same reason they did the last time we had a less defense minded President. The federal deficit will increase raising interest costs and passing more of the burden on to our children. Taxes on the people who create jobs and wealth in this country will go up dramatically (Income tax, inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes) so revenue to the treasury will decrease, as it always does when these kinds of taxes are increased and the economy will suffer. The government will attempt to offset this downturn by increasing spending on things that political types want to spend money on like job training, ACORN, and other non-productive things that add no long-term value to the economy. This increases the deficit and raises the demand for more taxes and it raises interest rates (see Jimmy Carter years).
Social changes will be forthcoming with judges who are light on crime, strong on ignoring the Constitution and who encourage create goofy lawmaking like the 9th Circuit Court on the West coast, the most overturned court in history. The Ninth Circuit has issued a bevy of controversial decisions over the years, including allowing some religious groups to smoke pot on federal lands, prohibiting authorities from searching gas tanks at the U.S.-Mexico border and declaring that the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, only applies to states, not individuals. The court once declared assisted suicide a constitutional right. And one member ruled that cross-dressers may constitute a persecuted class of people, making them eligible for asylum in the United States. Borders will not be sealed exposing us to more dilution of our culture, more demand for handouts and more crime.
There is plenty more, but the above is based on Obama’s platform, the attempted legislation presented by extreme left-wing Congress members such as Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and long term history. The facts are irrefutable. Change? Yes, we got change in the skin tone of the President & the more radical philosophy of the executive & legislative branches (and possibly the judicial branch come retirements). Hope? You tell me in 6-8 months how hopeful you feel. Socialist, entitlement, and welfare programs are traps. People become dependent on politicians who will provide this free money, healthcare, etc. Politicians depend on people to continue needing this free money, healthcare, etc. to keep them in office, so they find ways to either keep that same dependent constituency down, or to grow/replace that dependent constituency.
I relish the idea that America can elect a mixed race or black man President. As my political science professor stated, No longer can the minority they are oppressed by the Man. They now are the Man. Minorities have a bigger voice, a nationally visible role model, which is a great step forward, as far as race relations go. What I don’t relish is why anyone thinks that electing an extreme left wing socialist and, by definition, all of his extreme left wing followers, is any way a step forward for this country in any way otherwise. I predict that the country will see a swing away from this folly that rivals or exceeds that of the Carter Administration.
So who really lost last night? McCain? Nah... my future children lost, your children/ future children lost, our founding fathers lost, our military lost, freedom & self-reliance lost, America lost. The most devastating thing is that so many people were willing to sell their liberty for free stuff.
I hope you have a good day after you stop throwing up.


Jennifer said...

Hey Darla,
what an enlightening article. Thanks so much for posting it.

julie said...

first: that was incredibly depressing & real. i love it. it was so well written. i'll have to borrow this to show to a few people. i wish i could speak my opinion so clearly and well... and second: of course you guys need to come. any time. are you nuts?! we would love to have you up here. plus, my moms out of town in utah until the end of december so my dad has the big ol' house all to himself with lots of extra space. or you guys can stay with any of us (they have the best extra bed situation though.. unless you don't mind blow up mattresses and sleping bags..) especially if you guys are moving back east again. we may never see you for a long long time. and you need to come see arahs new baby before she becomes a big girl.

Mindi said...

That was a heavy article. I agree with her and I think we see rampant socialism in our new First Lady, Michelle Obama. I was at the courthouse today for Jury duty. It is frightening to think what can be accomplished by crooked judges. I'm worried what will happen when Prop 8 hits the California Supreme Court. I've heard lots of talk that it'll be thrown out as unconstitutional.

jerusharen said...

I like that line "giving up our freedom for free stuff" I just noticed that you had a blog! It's nice to see you all again.