Wednesday, December 10, 2008


June Bethanie Bennett.
Age: 17 months
Favorite pastime: opening video boxes and cleaning out grandma's cabinets

Dayne Dorothy Bennett
Age: 31/2
Favorite pastime: Reading, reading, and getting into bandaids. We find her often amongst a pile of books, making up stories and narrating to herself.

Monday night we had family night at my aunt and uncle's home, Bryan and Renee. Uncle Bryan wanted to do Christmas cookies. The kids were in heaven..

So was Geof.

And here's little Leah, Bryan and Renee's youngest.

Darla Erickson Bennett
Age: 29 (almost 30 in a few weeks).
Favorite.., better stated, Current pastime: trying to figure out the best way to be a happy mom and wife.

Geof.'s brother Adam and his wife and their 3 kids are staying with us for the month of December. we have a FULL house! Uncle Adam's made Mickey Mouse pancakes three mornings all ready. Once again, heaven.

Sister Cox and Sister Kelley. They live upstairs. They're part of the family. They teach the gospel to people everyday.


Liz said...

Hey! It looks like you guys are doing well. I have a Christmas card for you, but I don't have you address. Could you email it to me?

Walnut said...

G money looks saucey in the hat.