Thursday, December 25, 2008

I thought these first two pics had been posted with my initial post, but they hadn't. This was part of my bday date to Portland.

Merry Christmas! Once again, I'm sharing a ton of pics from the last few days.
Christmas morning mayhem.
Cole ran in the room this morning (not too early, 8:30 in fact) and shouted, "It's Christmas!", to which we sluggishly climbed out of bed and followed him up the stairs. He started going through his stocking right away and couldn't get over the fact that Santa had brought gum!! June, Dayne, cousin Kaia (pictured) and his two other cousins, Sierra and Tristan felt the same way. It was their favorite stocking stuffer. Good job, Santa! Dayne made her way up shortly after, but took a while to wake up. She got clothes galore and was all too eager to try them on.

On Monday night (my birthday) we had a fondue party with the whole fam...except for Geof.'s little brother Brind and his wife Julia. Possibly working? Brooke and Mike came up from California with their 3 girls (oldest being the cute red hed Jane, pictured) and much welcomed last child, a boy, Sawyer (pictured with June-bug).
Fortunately for us, Meagan offered to watch our kids while we went on my bday date to Portland. We thought the weather might be a little better down there and we wouldn't be up to our knees in snow. We were wrong. The weather was WORSE down there. Well, at least the streets were. It was crazy seeing Portland like that. We got stuck trying to leave our parking place and had to dig ourselves out with my 2 sizes too big snow boots. Geof. got me an Ipod (my first) and I was lucky enough to get a thoughtful poem out of him. Very sweet. We went to pizza after walking around in the snow on a funky downtown Portland street, locked our keys in the car, talked some guy working in the pizza place into helping us break IN to our subaru, and then went and saw some lights in an cute, old neighborhood. I didn't get any pics of the light show, but I did get a pic of OUR light show inside the car. (;

Lastly, since we've had such a heap of snow up here, we've had quite a few days inside. To try and keep the kids from killing eachother and in turn, us killings THEM, we've managed to think up a few winter crafts to keep them busy. The boys don't mind the snow as much, especially when there's a Sea Hawks game on. Don't mind Geof.'s hand down his pants.
Look at this winter wonderland! I feel like I'm in Alaska all over again!

Cole thought his snowflake was the most creative. What do you think?


Lindsay said...

wow look at all the fun you guys are having. thats great, but it doesnt make me miss you any less!!! what a fun bday adventure and that pic of june with the ornament is precious!!

Lisa said...

I'm glad you had a fun birthday! I cannot believe that all that snow is in Portland. I've NEVER seen that much snow there!

Angie said...

You and your man are the biggest love bugs and I love it.