Thursday, January 1, 2009


Rummikub, our favorite game where we actually speak very little to each other. Geof.'s sister Ellynn showed up today for our yummy Korean dinner (Geof.'s dad served his mission there) with her make-up done fantastically. I talked her into doing mine.

A new face for June. She was an absolute mess and everyone was laughing at her and she took advantage of all the attention to pull some silly faces.

The packaging from the preserved duck egg that Cole actually ate on a bet! We couldn't believe it. His 2 other cousins couldn't do it, and the smell of it made us all gag, but he chomped it down quite happily. When asked what it tasted like, he replied, "an egg".

Geof.s dad Ellery. The Korean chef.

Cousin Hazel and Junie bathing. They look surprisingly similar.


Emily said...

Oh My Word COLE! My stomach is churning! What did he get for eating it? A trip to the emergency room to have his stomach pumped?! Or some super-human toothpaste perhaps?! Nothing says Happy New Year like a rotten egg!!!

Rachael said...

your kids are so funny! nasty eggs and silly faces. I love them! And happy belated birthday... I'm playing catch-up today.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this snow melts TOMORROW!!

Maegan said...

Darla, your kids are so cute. Happy Holidays!

lindsey said...

darling darla, happy birthday (LATE). can't get enough pictures of june. she is so cute. but i have had enough pictures of cole choking down nasty food. thanks! love you.

Lisa said...

Hey Darla! I found you from Rachel's blog--hope you don't mind. Your family is adorable! So fun to see the pics and hear the fun stories!