Thursday, January 8, 2009

to you

To our independent 3 year old:
What a time we've had with you, Dayne! It's really no wonder that you came to us; we have so much to learn from you! In the last month you've climbed on the counter daily, looking for scissors (sometimes getting lucky enough to retrieve and use them). It doesn't matter how many times Daddy, Gma, or mom gets you down. You're persistent. If it's quiet, we know Dayne's doing something naughty. And 99% of the time, you are found with make-up, toothpaste, nail polish, you name it..doing your best to keep it hidden. When we find you, you yell at us, "Don't look at me doing this!" You won't be stopped, however hard we try. The other day, when Daddy was cleaning up a huge bathroom mess you made, and I was in the room more frustrated than ever with the huge mess you created, and trying to get you to help me clean it up, you started singing this, "You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer.." and on you went, in your own little tune. You were happy as ever, and completely oblivious to what Mom and Dad were feeling. At that moment, I knew you weren't trying to cause heartache, you were your own little being. Little Dayners. I can't change you, I can only love you. And I do. You're wonderful, smart, funny, beautiful..and EXTREMELY creative.
Just make sure you let us know your intentions in life.. (;
Mom and Dad


Emily said...

We, too, are having 3-year old girl issues and it sounds like it will only be getting worse before it gets better, I can feel the frustration you feel but am also so impressed with your realization, maybe now I'll be able to change my tune as well. Thanks Darla!

J9 said...

Love it! Sounds just like my Samuel! At least I can say he has grown up to be incredibly sure of himself and still so inquisitive! Gotta love motherhood!