Friday, February 27, 2009

dancing queen

Wow, my kids are good. I make 'em cry all the time and they always forgive me-almost instantly, in fact. (Just so you know, THIS crying episode was not my fault..just another rumble with Cole). There's a reason the scriptures tell us to 'become as little children'. They don't hold grudges, they don't bad talk, they love unconditionally. What a miracle it is to bring them to this earth and have them teach US so much!!
Dayne has been asking non-stop to watch Mama Mia (since she's obsessed with the music). We finally realized that there's some parts of the movie which probably aren't suitable for kids and chose to turn the soundtrack on to its loudest and have a little dance party. So fun to watch your kids dance..
I posted a video already on my facebook page, but thought I'd post it here as well (for those of you smart people who don't waste your time on facebook).


Lindsay said...

hahaha i love it. dayne's "head bangin" is awesome!!!

emily said...

Darla...that was awesome! Your kids are CUTE!

Pistolmom said...

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The Men love these too :)

Arah said...

june is getting huge. your kids are adorable!