Monday, February 2, 2009


Life feels good right now. I know that probably sounds crazy since it's January, we don't have a job, and the economy is so bad that everyone around us is out of work. I feel wonderful, though!! It will all work out. Geof. has 2 promising interviews coming promisES, yet..but hopefully something will come up. We've felt so good about our decision to end aviation, and know that something else is in store for us. I'm confident about that.
The kids are good and quite hysterical. Dayne was upstairs watching a movie this morning while I was downstairs doing Taebo. I had a feeling that I should go check up on her. I called her, no answer. I looked for her..nothing. I ran outside response. I finally stood in the kitchen and just waited (she's a pretty good hider). She finally shows up at the back door calling, "what mom!?", as if she's 16 years old. "Dayne, where were you?! I was calling you!". She replies with this, "Mom, I'M the mom, now. And I was at Gerda's (the old lady who lives across the street)." She says all this while wearing her too small dress up sandals and her purse slung over her arm. Scary. I didn't even know how to respond other than some stern explaining about how dangerous her act was. It didn't seem to sink in at all.
Cole loves school, even though he won't admit it. He always comes home happy and I know he's learning a ton. I still get tempted to home school him, though. He's growing up way too fast..making me quite sad, in fact. I wish I'd given him more hugs and kisses when he wasn't pushing me off.
June is fast approaching 2. Really!! I can't believe it. She points her finger at us and shouts, "nnnnnnnoooooooooooooooo"..really accentuating the n. It's so cute we don't even know how to mad. Pretty darn cute, that curly girly.
This past Saturday we drove up to Whispering Woods, some condos that Geof.'s parents get once a year as part of their timeshare. They had been up there all week snowshoeing, cross country skiing, swimming in the heated pool. It was beautiful. We went swimming and then packed the kids in the car and took the 15 minute drive to Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood (part of it was the hotel in "The Shining"!!).
Dayne taking pics of Mom. Cole and Dayne always want to take pictures with my camera. I decided to give my old camera to Cole and he and Dayne now go around the house taking pics of their feet, the carpet, the wall..their cheek. You get the picture.
The lodge was beautiful. It was a very clear day and it was amazing how close the mountain was. Cole kept talking about how "creepy" it was...maybe it was because we told him the scariest movie of all time was filmed there.
I promise Cole was not trying to shut Dayne up. She hates it when he tries to hug and kiss her (which is what he was trying to do, forcefully).

My new favorite pic of us.


Meganis said...

cute darla... i'm glad you're feeling so up! Davey thinks i'm a bitter hag right now... apparently i find something new to be annoyed of everyday. no i'm not pregnant. anyways, i'm gonna learn from you and be happy :) p.s. love the eva cassidy...

Emily said...

So glad you're happy! I loved reading this post. I've seen Mt Hood twice in the past month, but just from the air! It looks beautiful up close, did you do any skiing? You guys do the funnest stuff. So impressed that Geof. has 2 interviews, our fingers are crossed.

Maegan said...

Darla, I hope that you guys are able to find a job soon. I know how that can stink, but thanks so much for your words of faith, it was kind of slap in the face to me that I should have more faith, as we are in a similar situation. Being positive really does help things and thanks for helping me see that.

lindsey said...

i was catching up on you. hawaii sounded like quite the adventure. how fun! i'm so impressed by your faith. you really can't be sad and mopey when you have faith that things are going to work out. love you.