Saturday, February 7, 2009

highly recommended

Geof. and watched a movie last night, titled "Fireproof". Ignore the IMDB rating. I'm guessing what turned them off to it was the fact that it doesn't use bad language or have some raunchy humor. Maybe some of you have seen it. Although I'm pretty picky about movies, and this one definately did fit the "made for tv" standard, it really made such an impact on me. I don't remember the last time I watched a movie and felt really good afterward. It's about a couple who are at the point of divorce and are able to pull their marriage together through the acceptance of Christ in their lives. Kirk Cameron (remember, from Growing Pains?) is the main actor and I guess he's become extremely religious and decided to do this movie. It's wonderful, I tell ya!! Go rent it and make it a night with your spouse. (:


Emily said...

Will do! I've heard good things about it too.
Yes we're in UT, but does my family have wireless internet? NO! Or a network router thingy, that means I can't post anything using my computer and don't care to put pics on theirs...had big plans to post at least a couple times, Oh Well! We'll be here until the 13th and then back home. We do stop in Seattle, wouldn't it be nice if I could just extend and see you there? I'll stop writing now! BYE!

Meganis said...

i saw that one in texas!! i emailed my siblings and parents about it... so good right? kinda cheesy at first but the message is great. it cracked me up how simillar to all the mormon movies it was...minus the cross. But there was a Relief Society President and everything :)

Maegan said...

That is good to hear, I was thinking about renting that movie. I had heard lots of good things. Thanks for the recommendation.