Saturday, February 14, 2009

I realize Valentine's Day isn't over yet..

Last night we had a romantic dinner at home with the lights down low, kids on each side of us, and Geof.'s sister Ellynn and her baby Finn (her hubby Jason was working). (;
No, it was great. For real! We all went around the table and read the back of our "hearts" where Geof. had written down a question for each of us to answer. Example: "name 5 things you love about mommy", or "What's your best memory with the kids?" etc. The kids did much better than we expected and we felt much closer to them afterward. We have the sweetest kids ever...when they want to be. Sorry no pic of the intimate event.
When we woke up this morning to another day of cloudy skies, I thin Geof. realized what the day COULD turn into...seeing that we've all been sick and stuck in the house all week. After hearing me yell at the kids a good 10 times before it was even 10 am, he suggested we spend the day in Portland.
Yea for Portland! How can you say no to that?? Geof. was so good and let me do whatever I want. We went and walked along the waterfront, ate at a Greek restaurant, and even stopped by the overpriced Nordstrom Rack looking for running shoes.

City of Bridges.
Dayne immediately went running after the seagulls and Cole quickly followed after her. He was a bit shy at first. He's getting so old! Last night he got out of the bath and I was helping him dry his hair and realized he was right to my chest (in heighth). Did that sound weird? Anyway, he's getting extremely tall and I admit, I was a little depressed after that. Am I wasting my time on stupid things or trying to just enjoy my kids?? The other night I went to a presentation of Love and Logic that Cole's school had provided. I have read parts of a few of the books the organization has put out, and I've also been to a few classes in Utah, but what one of the presenters said really struck me as something I don't want to do or be anymore! She said when she was raising her kids and her oldest was in 1st grade, she knew she needed to change something about her parenting because she had a constant scowl on her face. She wasn't enjoying what she was doing because she was so exhausted. I feel like that a lot. I seem to be a lot happier when I'm outside with my kids, being active. But you can't always do that. So I'm hoping I can improve my parenting skills using love and logic tools so this whole thing can be enjoyable. Anyway..moving on.

Geof. followed the kids down to the water and had quite the time throwing rocks in the river. He could do that forever.

winner: June Bennett, for whiniest kid in Portland on Valentine's Day.
When we got home the sister missionaries surprised us with some heart decor and chocolates on our window downstairs and some fun things that they had crocheted for the kids. I don't even know what these particular thingees are called, but I want em!! They're like leg warmers for your arms and have little pom poms on 'em. I might steal them from Dayne.
The 2nd attempt at making a hat for June. The 1st one Sister Cox made was too small. It's those darn foreheads I've cursed 'em with!
Cole and Sister Kelly sporting the matching mittens she made. We love our sisters. They sure love my kids and I don't know what we'll do when we leave here. They'll be so bored with just me and Geof. around.
p.s. no news on Geof.'s job with Insitu. They said the soonest they'd get back to him was Friday or Monday. I'm thinking it'll be later than that since they're continuing to interview for multiple positions right now. We'll see!


Megan Erickson said...

I love the water front!! Many memories there!! I am glad you had a fun day!

Lindsay said...

what a fun day you guys had. love the kissing pic. its hot!!!

Mindi said...

Oh those Sister missionaries. Please tell them "hi" for me. What great stuff they made for your kids. I'm jealous of the day in Portland. I've read a few Love and Logic books. My parents were really into it. I think I've forgotten everything I learned from them. It is something you have to listen to/read often to keep it fresh in your mind.

kristenhcubed said...

My kids have been pestering to "do something" today for Daniel's first birthday. You've inspried me! I think we'll go to the water front. Now to talk the hubby into it...