Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hood River

Dayne enjoying her turn on the swing.
June not as happy with Dayne's turn. She really is nearing 2.

Dayne hiding from the dragon.
We had quite the time pretending that Dayne was a princess and June and I were saving her from a fire breathing monster.
Isn't this a rad park?
The view of the river from the park.
Sunday night the girls and I drove with Geof. to Hood River, OR for a job interview he was having with this company on Monday. Most of the drives I've done up and down the Gorge have been in the dark, and I haven't been able to really appreciate the beauty. Wow. It was AMAZING! I'm trying to not get my hopes up (although it's a very good company and Geof. did do very well on his interview), because who knows what'll happen. It is an incredible place, though! Here's some pics of the girls and I enjoying the park in town while we waiting for Geof. to be done.


Emily said...

Do you really live there?! Please make me feel better and say no! SO beautiful. Derek said he talked to Geof. yesterday after the interview and we're glad to hear it went as well as it possibly could. At the very least it was good interviewing experience right?! Here's hoping and lots of good vibes in your direction.

Emily said...

I just had a crazy thought...what if the kids and I could change our flight from Seattle to Fairbanks and stay there for the weekend? Till Monday? Am I crazy??

julie said...

i love hood river. we drive through there all of the time. well, anytime we go to stay at the coast or drive down to california. in the summer they have hundreds of sind surfers our there on the river and it is amazing to watch. and its close enough to portland. (and spokane...)

emily alex sarabia bunch said...

ok I love your pictures mine always suck but video is fun I put some more on of garen and baby see you pretty soon yyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa