Thursday, March 5, 2009

Can YOU do this??

Cole cracks me up. He's inherited some moves (from my family, might I add)! (: He had done this jumping hoola hoop thing a few times before I realized, "I really gotta film this.". Oh, how I love my bubbs. (spelling on that?)

I was reading in my journal the other night. It's pretty pathetic how little I've written in the 7 years I've been married. I did write quite a bit when Cole was around 2 1/2 to 3 yrs. Every entry was a desperate plea for some sort of answer on how to control this kid. I guess trying to "control" him might have been a mistake. Who knows? Either way, Cole has matured into a very sweet, sensitive, helpful kid who still has his moments of craziness.., but overall we couldn't be happier with him. Thank the heavens for that!


Emily said...

Do you know what kills me about this video?...the fact that Cole is wearing SHORTS!!!! and none of the kids need jackets! Owen and Eden wanted to watch this over and over again.

Rocia said...

i have LOVED that kid from day one...he holds a special place in my heart. give him a smooch for me.