Wednesday, March 4, 2009

now time

mmm..a smile on Dayne's face, what a wonderful thing. This girl of mine is so 3. I've decided 3,4, and part of age 5 have to be the most difficult ages. She's cute, she's sassy.., but boy is she independent! Ellery (my father in law) found her in his car, having STARTED it, ready to back up down the driveway because she "couldn't find him and needed to go look for him". She has us close to a heart attack quite often. Here she is with my cousin Chelsea's sweet first born, Jackson. She and her husband Justin came up from CA for the weekend to visit our beautiful WA.
I told my cousin Nolan (my Aunt Renee's son) that I'd post this pic of him, because boy, is he hot!! (He's 15 and I'm pretty positive he'll post this on his facebook page).

We went up to a place called Lucia Falls on Sat. It's only 5 minutes from our house and incredibly beautiful. Cole was so excited to be outside. We forget that sometimes and force him to play his video games all day. (joke. he WANTS to play video games all day. I think we'll have to give 'em away soon..).

Geof. got slammed, or head butted, or something while playing basketball. When I came out, he had 2 huge tissues stuffed up his nose, just playing like nothing had happened.

Cousin Chels, and her family.
Lucia falls. The water was the prettiest deep green color. LOVED it!
Happy Cole. The falls look scarier than they really were..., and Cole looks closer to 'em than he really was. Promise..


julie said...

wow! nolan is handsome and i can't believe he is 15!! cole reminds me of cody with the video games... i swear i feel like throwing them all out the window pretty much on a daily basis, but they are quite handy.

Emily said... the beautiful waterfall 5 minutes from your house and Wow to Geof with wads of kleenex stuffed in his nostrils! And love that picture of you by the falls, so pretty (you and the water!)

Jordan said...

Sweet pics.
How come no one can comment on the Erickson Family Blog? I'd like to leave some input, but neither Megan or I have rights to do so. I'm guessing that's why nobody else is leaving a comment. The blog isn't open up for everyone to comment.

Kaisa Bailey said...

okay....WHATEVER!!!!!! We love you. Can we please come up to WA this summer? Can we have our reunion there? I would really sincerely love it and love to see you guys. okay, done.

and you better believe if you needed a banana bread recipe I would've hooked you up FAT.

ivyjeanne said...

geoff looks awesome with the white mustache. thanks for the update on life and the fun photos. miss you guys.