Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is the FIRST thing they should show in high school World Gov. class

Can you BELIEVE I'd post this pic of myself?? This is what I've looked like for the last month. Yucky, allergy ridden eyes, no make-up, no contacts. What CAN I do?? Enough about that, below.
My mom sent this short video which I believe gives us a very clear definition of government and what ours was intended to be! Please take the 10 minutes to watch. In the end you'll hear the line "Trade freedom for security". That's how I'M feeling right now!! I don't want to be dependent on the government, but I'm feeling no choice! How can we get back in control and gain our freedom back, people?!


Marisa said...

Darla!! I saw your post on the E-family blog and I'm glad you guys will be around this summer! We'll have to discuss things more. In answer to your questions though... First: yes, we are in Josh and Rachel's ward, second: I am the Primary 2nd counselor, and third: hopefully soon!! (That's not an announcement, unfortunately.)

Gina said...

Well, I think that is what is so great being part of our gospel. We are taught to be self sufficient and preparedness. If we work to get our food storage and save up money and most importantly be close to our Heavenly Father than we have nothing to fear. I hope I don't sound ALL IS WELL IN ZION because zion is not well. But we are promised in the scriptures over and over that if we follow our Savior and do what He asks. And by doing our part too of course than we have the Lord on our side. Isn't that great.

Jessica said...

Hey Darla, I was a few posts behind on your blog. It was nice to get caught up and see all of your cute pictures. I love all the springy/flowery tree pictures. We are still waiting for the snow to stop but today looks promising. Your "political" blog looks like it stirred up some thoughts. I am interested to know what was "deleted by the author." I'll be honest, I don't know too much about that stuff. So it sounds like the job hunt continues, how did it go with the police interview? Also, I never knew about that plane freaking scary! You are great. Love you guys.