Monday, April 20, 2009

listen and live!

Tell me this doesn't make you wanna just get up and dance?!! I first heard this song when Geof. took me to a BYU beginning of the year dance performance. I almost fell off my chair watching the ballerinas flitter and float (and rock!) around the stage to this amazing piece of music!! I was in somewhat of a daze for days afterwards..that's what good music can do to me. Vanessa-Mae is incredible.


ANGELA said...
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ANGELA said...

I had to delete my last post because I had a spelling error.

Great song. I love the spring pictures. It is finally feeling like spring here now that the snow it melted!

Emily said...

Loved that, thanks for sharing it. In your next life, I just know you'll be a prima ballerina. That picture of your Geof. is sweet too.