Thursday, April 23, 2009


Got up this morning at very sleepy. Drove to the Portland Temple, tried to be alert and attentive and inspired. Drove home to my darling kids who my mother in law so graciously watched.
It was good to get away, even if I was mostly asleep it seemed. I was a complete witch yesterday. My in-law's plumbing is getting completely redone. It's a good thing..., but quite a pain for us folks living downstairs (where much of the cutting, draining, adhesiving (word?) is going on). My living space is a complete unorganized disaster! And now that we are possibly, hopefully-won't tell you much more than that, right now-moving back to Richmond, I'm in clean out and pack up mode, and the fact that I can't do it is driving me nutty nuts. Let life take me, not me take it-that's what I'm learning.
Dayne's 4 on May 1st. If anyone wants to send a bag of balloons, she'd be thrilled (yes, I realize that might contradict my newfound desire to be less wasteful). As you can see in above pics, my kids LOVE balloons. I bought a bag at Fred Meyer on a whim the other day, and it was hours before they stopped tossing 'em around, filling them up with water, fighting over them, etc. I'm thinking it's time to buy another bag since we ran out on Sunday and they've been asking for more ever since.


Emily said...

WOW 5:15 am temple trip? You're so good.
I'd like to know why you're not possibly, hopefully moving to Fairbanks? If you do move to Richmond, we won't get to visit you in WA, sad! I should have juct sucked it up and come in Feb. Oh well, now-if you do move-we will once again have a good excuse to visit the east coast and hopefully sooner rather then later.
I feel your moving, messy house remodeling pain and hope it ends soon!

Marisa said...

I love the balloon pictures. Miss you guys! PS, Josh and I were talking and we're thinking instead of a full-blown reunion this summer, we're going to float the river and have a bbq sometime this summer with anyone in the fam who wants to come. And then next summer do a big old reunion. It just seems like too many people have their summer plans set up already and it's hard to find a good chunk of time. Your thoughts? You can send me a message on facebook or to Or on my blog. There is a plethora of options.

emily said...

I am so HAPPY about this move!!!!!

Lindsay said...

omg. i really hope i get to see you really SOON. but, like i said before, im not getting excited (wink, wink). love ya!!!!!

ivyjeanne said...

i'm hoping that at some point we hear more about this "move" you mentioned.

way to go to the temple at the crack of dawn. you are quite the example.